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Candid vs. Posed Photography For Your Wedding

December 18, 2020

Customization and personality are key parts of the perfect wedding, which means it’s important to understand the difference between candid and posed photography. Gone are the days when couples wanted to have a series of overly formal, posed photographs. So, it’s crucial to ensure your wedding photographer knows how to bring out the smiles, laughter and silliness you share on your special day.

Posed photography is perfect for SOME of your photos

Posed photos are gorgeous. They will allow you to show off your wedding dress, ensure you have keepsake photos of your entire wedding party and they add sophistication and elegant aesthetics to your overall wedding portfolio. Posed photos include anything from shots in your bridal suite where you pose while preparing for your big day through to the photos you take with your loved ones by a special setting or display of décor you’ve chosen for a photogenic backdrop.

During a posed photo, your photographer will situate you with the perfect lighting and scenery to make for a beautiful series of photos. Whether you’ve chosen a flower wall, beach setting, palm trees or sunset, your professional photographer will ensure your posed photos are elegant and not overly contrived.

Candid photography enables you to really capture your personalities & love story

From popping champagne through to the all-popular dress dunk, your photos by Adventure Photos are going to absolutely break free from traditional wedding frames. Candid photos are taken throughout your wedding ceremony and reception. There’s no element of, “Say Cheese” or “Put your arm over here.” Instead, your photographer will be moving seamlessly around your venue and snapping photos as the moments happen.

Candid photos will include different angles of all your loved ones, your décor and, of course, the happy couple. Our professional photographers will never get in the way of your good time, but they will ensure your wedding album reflects all elements of your event in an organic and uniquely beautiful way.

Get a photographer who can do both candid and posed photography

A combination of posed and candid photography make for a diverse, highly personalized and meaningful set of wedding photos. They please all brides and grooms because each mood and moment is captured from a different lens, lending them personalities of their own. The best part is – because you won’t be anticipating the candid photos, you will get to be surprised again and again by your photography. Your photos will always remain as stunning reminders of the best parts of your big day.

Contact Adventure Photos as you plan for your wedding, and we will work with our resort partners to deliver on your dream photography. We look forward to sharing in your vision of your perfect day.

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