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Isabelle & Pavan – Dreams Macao

Shaadi weddings are rarely small, and involve numerous rituals and ceremonies with joyous and elaborate celebrations that are often spread out over se

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Client Stories: Amanda & Fadi

Meeting someone special at a wedding is a classic and romantic scenario that has often been the basis for many love stories in literature and films. This was the exact beginning of Amanda & Fadi’s love story.

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Client Stories: Jenn & Brent

Jenn and Brent’s love story is a testament to the idea that sometimes, the most extraordinary relationships can emerge from the most ordinary places.

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Client Stories: Chris & Ivy

Chris & Vy’s love story serves as a reminder that sometimes, the most meaningful connections can be found in unexpected places and that love has the power to transcend the boundaries of technology.

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Ivan Castelan

My grandfather gave me a camera as a Christmas gift when I was eleven years old and I remember I immediately signed into a photography class in middle school and I started to do some photo sessions for close friends and local artists.

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Kenny Sencion

A friend introduced me to photography. I started learning from him, following him to his photo sessions and that’s when I fell in love with photography.

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Kara & Steven – Dreams Las Mareas

We had so much fun capturing Kara & Steven’s beautiful destination wedding at Dreams Las Mareas in Costa Rica. Our professional on-site wedding photographer Alejandro Hernandez did an incredible job in ensuring their vision was brought to life through the amaz


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