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Client Stories: Amanda & Fadi

February 20, 2024

A beautiful fusion of middle eastern traditions in a wedding at Dreams Sapphire, Cancun

Meeting someone special at a wedding is a classic and romantic scenario that has often been the basis for many love stories in literature and films. This was the exact beginning of Amanda & Fadi’s love story, they first met in the warm and inviting ambiance of a charming rehearsal dinner at a friends wedding in Boston. Their paths converged in an almost serendipitous manner and as they got to know each other over the wedding weekend, completely unaware that it would be the start of a life-altering event that would culminate in an amazing wedding at Dreams Sapphire Resort & Spa, located on the stunning Riviera Maya coastline of Mexico.

How do you recognize love?

Love can take on different forms and it can evolve and change over time. Additionally, there's no single formula for recognizing love, as it can be experienced uniquely by each individual.As you can see with Amanda and Fadi it is often about how someone makes you feel or the special characteristics they have that you admire in them. They both love different aspects of each other which is how a love story is formed…..

"I love how caring and thoughtful he is. He always does everything he can to make sure I am happy and feel spoiled"
- Amanda
"Her warm heart and her adventurous nature."
- Fadi

The proposal in a fairytale location!

Visiting Vizcaya Gardens situated on the shores of Biscayne Bay in Miami is like stepping into a storybook romance. It is renowned for its stunning architecture, exquisite gardens, and rich history. Built by James Deering, in 1916 it was designed to resemble an Italian Renaissance villa, and has historical significance not only for its architecture and gardens but also as a backdrop for important social gatherings, cultural events, and even diplomatic meetings. This was the perfectly magical place and excellent choice of venue for Fadi to plan a secret proposal to Amanda and add some joy to an unsuspecting strangers day!

“We got engaged in Miami. We went to the Vizcaya Garden & Fadi asked a stranger to take a picture of us. He got down on one knee and asked me to be my wife. The woman we asked to take our photos was cheering so much her family started to video record our proposal. It was a wonderful experience.”
- Amanda

Why Mexico for a destination wedding?

Mexico's climate is generally warm and pleasant, and it is famous for its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters. It's also a popular choice for couples looking for a sunny and outdoor wedding experience that can also double as a vacation for their friends and family. This was exactly the vision Amanda and Fadi had for their perfect wedding location. They knew that getting married in a beautiful and unique location like Mexico would create lasting memories for them and their guests and give them opportunity to explore a new country and bond with one another in a relaxed setting. This shared experience for their wedding in such a special place will be cherished by all their family and friends.

“The idea of having your family & friends together on a beach, with sunshine, drinks and palm trees made us happy. We are so thankful we went that route because not only was it a magical day, we got to party for an entire week with our favorite people “

The benefits of a site visit!

We are often asked if a site visit is necessary. A site visit can allow the couple to become familiar with the venue, its layout, its facilities and our staff at Adventure Photos. This helps couples like Amanda and Fadi plan the various aspects of the wedding more effectively, such as the ceremony setup, reception layout, legal requirements and accommodations for guests.

While much of the planning can be done remotely, there are often final details that are best confirmed in person and as you can see for Amanda and Fadi this was one of the favorite parts of planning their wedding. It also gave them the perfect opportunity to meet their wedding planner and photographer and test out the amazing food!

“Our favorite part would have to be when we got to visit Dreams Sapphire 4 months before the wedding to meet with Grace and Abigail. We walked around the resort and saw where our party/ceremony would be held. The food tasting was the BEST!! So much food and dessert it was wonderful”

Incorporating cultural traditions!

A wedding day is always filled with special moments that create lasting memories for the couple and their loved ones. This can be a first look, a first kiss, the cutting of the cake, but for Amanda & Fadi it meant being able to respect their heritage and incorporate the Middle Eastern tradition of a Zaffeh entrance into their fun wedding in Mexico resulting in a unique and culturally rich celebration that blends the best of both worlds!

Most memorable for me, would be our Zaffeh entrance. It was so amazing having a part of our Middle Eastern culture with us in Mexico."
- Amanda
"Seeing my wife in her beautiful dress and all our guests having a blast throughout the reception”
- Fadi

Having a photography plan!

Choosing the right wedding photographer is crucial in capturing the precious moments of your wedding day. Meeting with your photographer before the big day is an important step to ensure that you are on the same page and that your expectations align. At Adventure Photos we always encourage all our couples to do this, whether its during a site visit, when they arrive at the hotel or through a video meeting before they arrive. Amanda and Fadi were able to meet several times with our professional onsite photographer Abigail from the Dreams Sapphire team. Abigail was able to share her portfolio and discuss the style of photography they were looking for – whether it's traditional, documentary, candid, artistic, or a mix. This allowed Abigail to capture the vision they had for their special day through a combination of communication, creativity, and technical skill

“Adventure Photos were great - they were very professional, courteous and funny. Meeting with Abigail in January helped calm our nerves. We also met with her two days before the wedding and she was always so quick with getting back to us when we had any questions or concerns. The day of the wedding went wonderfully and very smooth. Abigail and her team were very prompt and the photos and our wedding video look awesome and they captured the love”

Is there such a thing as a favorite wedding photo?

Absolutely! Choosing a favorite photograph is a subjective process that often involves personal feelings, memories, and aesthetic preferences. If a certain photo evokes a strong emotion, or a positive feeling, it is normally the favorite one! In the end, a favorite photograph is one that speaks to you on a personal and emotional level. Don't overthink the process—choose the photograph that brings you joy, nostalgia, or a sense of connection. For Amanda and Fadi it was easy to select their favorite ones, each for its unique and special reason

"My favorite wedding photographs were when we were on the bridge in the pool and the little window across from the bridge. They came out so beautifully."
- Amanda
"The first look. Seeing my beautiful bride in her dress, holding her flowers, really cemented the whole wedding experience. The photographer did a great job capturing the moment."
- Fadi

Advice for future wedding couples?

Planning a destination wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming, but the key is to remember the bigger picture and focus on what truly matters. Here's some advice from Amanda & Fadi for future couples to help them navigate their magical day…..

"Don't stress. Easier said than done I know. But what we mostly mean, is don't stress the little things. Nothing is perfect, things happen. But in the end those little things are funny memories afterwards and the big moments are what people will be talking about for a lifetime."
- Amanda
"Don't go to bed angry. No matter how well you both know each other, there will be times of conflict that occur. This is perfectly normal - what matters is not the conflict, it's making sure that you both listen to what the other is saying and acknowledge their feelings.”
- Fadi

We would love to say congratulations to Amanda & Fadi on their amazing wedding and a huge thank you for allowing us to create such beautiful images and video of your incredible day.

It was a pleasure for the Adventures Photo & Video team, Abigail and Guillermo to be part of your special day!

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