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Client Stories: Jenn & Brent

February 15, 2024

An intimate wedding full of love, family and friends.

Jenn and Brent’s love story is a testament to the idea that sometimes, the most extraordinary relationships can emerge from the most ordinary places. Having met at work as occupational therapists in Kansas, they got to know each other as friends for several years. Then romance blossomed, they fell in love and shared their commitment to each other in an intimate destination wedding at the beautiful Dreams Riviera Cancun, a tropical paradise surrounded by lush beauty on the coast of the Riviera Maya in Mexico

Bonding experiences…..

Shared adventures, tight spaces and facing adversity together creates a common experience that individuals can relate to. These unique challenges and fun events were what helped Jenn and Brent build a stronger connection and create a sense of unity and solidarity as a couple

Jenn loves Brents sense of humor, knowledge and interest in learning, and cooking skills and it is Jenn’s tenacity, motivation and beauty that made Brent love her even more.

“We were on a mountain bike ride together and it started pouring on us- rather than be upset about it, Brent made the best of the situation and kissed Jenn in the rain. We realized we both had the same love for adventure, the outdoors, and making the most of our situation. We've also survived living a small RV while traveling for work the past few years which puts any relationship to a test! “
- Jenn

The Engagement!

When Brent chose a location to ask Jenn to marry him, he could not have picked a more spectacular location than the Olympic National Park. This UNESCO Park offers a unique and diverse natural experience, with over 600 miles of hiking trails, rugged coastlines and mountains. It was here, on one of their favorite hikes that Brent chose the perfect spot to propose, even if it was a little risky!! This made the most magical moment even more picture perfect.

“Brent proposed at Olympic National Park at the peak of one of our favorite hikes. We had to step back from the ledge after the proposal before he put the ring on as he was worried, he was going to drop it. “
- Jenn

Choosing quality over quantity!

When choosing where to marry, often the first thing a couple needs to decide is how many guests they are going to invite. Some couples prefer large venues with hundreds of guests or as in Jenn and Brents wedding, they preferred a quieter more intimate event with the ones they love most and a destination wedding was the perfect choice for this. Destination weddings often allow you to focus on the quality of the experience rather than the quantity of guests. It means you can spend more time interacting with each guest, forging deeper connections, and creating lasting memories in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, which can enhance the emotional significance of the day.

“Neither of us like big crowds or events and Jenn does not like being the center of attention. We both enjoy smaller, more intimate event sizes and meaningful time with the people we care about most. We felt that a destination wedding would allow us several days to spend with our family and closest friends, rather than just a few hours with hundreds of people!”
“We spent the whole night on the dance floor with family and friends singing throwback songs and truly enjoying ourselves. We loved that we truly felt present in the moment through our wedding and reception?”

Special memories to look back on…….

Having friends be a part of your wedding service can be a special way to involve loved ones in your big day. Jenn and Brent added a more personal touch by having a friend be the officiant at their wedding ceremony, making it more intimate and meaningful.

“Our wedding ceremony with Jenn's best friend as the officiant and saying personal vows to one another in an intimate setting. We thought we would be nervous for the ceremony and our vows but quickly realized there was nothing to be nervous about. The moment was very special and emotional for both of us”
- Brent

Having a shared vision for the photography coverage of your day….

Jenn has been in several friends' weddings and always felt the photos took up literal hours of the day, pulling the couple away from their guests and being able to enjoy themselves. She wanted a photographer who would truly be part of the day, capturing the special moments as they happened but not pull the couple away from their celebration.

Choosing the right photographer who understands your vision for the day and the impact that any photoshoot will have on your time with your guests is extremely important. It is not only what the final photos look like but also the experience you have achieving them that is so important.

At Adventure photos we believe in open communication from the very start. Ivan one of our extremely talented photographers at Dreams Riviera understands the importance of talking with our clients and finding out what is uniquely important in their vision for their special day and making it happen.

“Ivan, our photographer was incredible from the start. Prior to the wedding day, he had a zoom meeting with us to ensure all our questions were answered and create a timeline of the day, also discussed must have pictures and shared his portfolio.. Ivan did exactly this and guided us on how to feel present/natural in our couple photos. We have not had any professional photos before as we thought it would look staged but Ivan's photos look very natural and candid! He was extremely kind and we felt he genuinely cared about ensuring we enjoyed our day while also taking amazing shots”

Capturing the unexpected moments!

A good wedding photographer possesses the skill and intuition to capture those unexpected and candid moments that make a wedding album truly special. While posed shots are essential for documenting the essential parts of the day, it's often the unscripted, spontaneous moments that provide the most genuine and emotional memories. Ivan was able to capture one of these special moments and many more to ensure Jenn and Brent will always look back and remember fondly how they were feeling at that exact moment

“Our favorite wedding shot so far is from our first dance as we had no intention of doing a "dip" but we were having so much fun when the firework fountain went off that we just went for it. Ivan captured our huge smiles perfectly, along with the smiles of our guests and it's clear from the picture how much fun we were having. At the beginning of our first dance we were both emotional/teary and by the end to see us both smiling and enjoying ourselves was a great moment to witness looking back at the photos.
We also really enjoyed our fun photo shoot a few days after the wedding wearing less fancy clothes and getting a little dirty on the beach! “

Why destination weddings are special!

We at Adventure photos and Ivan in particular want to say a huge thank you to Jenn and Brent for allowing us to play a small part in creating the perfect wedding day for them and when we asked if they would recommend this type of wedding to future brides and grooms, they left us some fantastic advice!

“We wouldn't recommend it any other way! Your wedding day should be about you and spending it with the people you truly want to spend time with, not putting on a show for hundreds of people. We loved spending several days with our guests and enjoying every minute of our reception on the dance floor! “
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