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Tips Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

January 23, 2020

When it comes to your wedding, few things are more important than the photos. Your wedding pictures will document the details and important moments of your big day, along with many of the guests in attendance. They’ll also be an amazing memory to keep in treasured photo albums, post on social media to share with friends and family members, and as beautiful framed photos in your home. Show off your personality by selecting the right photography style for your tastes and get inspired by the following creative wedding photo ideas.

12 Unique Wedding Photo Poses

Make your wedding photo album even more fun by incorporating some of these creative wedding photo ideas!

1. Capture the “First Look”

The groom can close his eyes while the bride stands behind him or covers his eyes with her hands. Or ask the photographer to capture the moment the groom sees the bride in her wedding dress for the first time.

2. Get a different perspective

Find higher ground and get an aerial shot of the first dance.

3. Find unique poses

Lie in the grass facing opposite directions, so the bride and groom are cheek-to-cheek.

4. Go for a walk

Have the photographer get shots from behind of the bride and groom holding hands, or from the front walking toward the camera.

5. Capture lots of kisses!

They can even be on the hand, forehead, or cheek. Better yet, lean toward each other as if you are going to kiss and pause just before your lips touch.

6. Be affectionate

A cute photo ideas is for the bride to lay her head on the groom’s shoulder.

7. Laugh and be silly

These pictures are a great way to show how you feel and allow the photographer to capture the joy on your faces when you look at each other.

8. Use sentimental signs or props

They are cute ways to remember important moments.

9. Set up a trash the dress shoot

The Cancun area is especially popular for a “trash the dress shoot” because you can do the shoot in one of the many cenotes in the area for a unique, destination wedding experience.

10. Take advantage of your location

If you have a destination wedding you want to capture your special moment as well as the stunning location where you’ve decided to say “I do.”

11. Capture the moment before you kiss

This is a lovely photo idea that captures the passion between the two of you.

12. Work with the weather

Whatever the weather is like you can be creative with it and use it in your photos. If the day is windy you might get shots of the wind blowing your hair, or use a rainy day to get beautiful effects in your photos.

How to Get the Best Wedding Photos

Choose the Right Photographer

Before hiring anyone, make sure you research photographers and look at samples of their work, as well as examples of photos taken by others. Decide which photos you like best and bookmark them to share with your photographer later. Putting together a Pinterest board of your favorite wedding poses and styles and showing them to your photographer is a great way to help them understand the style and look you want.

Pay attention to what you like about each photo, including wedding poses, lighting, and the style of photography being used. Choose a wedding photographer whose images match the style you like best as well as a photographer you feel comfortable with. Wedding photo poses are easily recreated, but style is unique to the photographer and harder to change, and the more comfortable you are, the easier it will be for you to get photos that feel natural and look beautiful. 

It’s also good to choose a photographer who is familiar with your chosen wedding venues and the organizers who work there. This makes it possible for them to know where to get the best shots and capture your wedding day perfectly.

Pick a Photography Style That Suits Your Personality

There are numerous styles of shooting and editing images that include variations of light, color, composition, and more. In fact, you can ask multiple photographers to photograph the same subject in the same lighting and location, and you will get surprisingly different images as a result. When you are looking at different wedding photography styles, select the one that feels true to your personality.


Posed portrait shots of the bride and groom, wedding party, families, etc. These are typically thought of as necessary photos. This is a great time to step back and let the photographer direct and position everyone as needed, but feel free to speak up if there is a specific shot you want.


Portrait wedding photos are close-up shots of the bride and groom, or often just the bride. You can add variation or an artistic feel by including black and white shots or close-up images of the dress details.


This wedding photo idea allows you to be really creative and show off your personality and style. Fashion photos are a great option for after the wedding ceremony because you don’t have to worry about getting your dress dirty before the ceremony, or you can change into something else or wear clothing that represents more of who you are. If you have a destination wedding, fashion photos are a great way to get beautiful shots in an amazing location.

Fine Art:

Think of fine art shots as artistic images of the little details like flowers, rings, or the buttons and lace on the wedding dress. You can also have the photographer get shots of the cake, centerpieces, and decor.


These images are beautiful landscapes like lakes, sunsets, or other stunning backdrops, with the bride and groom artistically posed in the foreground.


Natural or candid shots are meant to capture the reality between the posing. They are often images of the couple laughing or relaxed moments between greeting guests or posing for other pictures. This could also include photos of the guests dancing and mingling, or of the bride and groom talking to friends and family at the reception.


This is another popular style because it is meant to capture all the important moments that tell the story of the wedding. For example, the first dance or kiss as husband and wife, or the cutting of the cake.

As you explore different wedding photo styles, you might discover that you like more than one photography style—and you’re not alone. Many brides like a mix of different styles for their wedding photos. If you decide you want more than one photography style, don’t be afraid to tell your photographer what you have in mind so they can help you get the look you want.

Work with the weather. Whatever the weather is like you can be creative with it and use it in your photos. If the day is windy you might get shots of the wind blowing your hair, or use a rainy day to get beautiful effects in your photos.

Work with Adventure Photos for One-of-a-Kind Wedding Images

Adventure Photos is one of the most experienced wedding photography and videography companies you can find for your destination wedding. Our professional photographers know where to shoot at your tropical venue to get the best images to make your wedding photo poses look amazing. Contact us and find our how we can help capture the most important day of your life with stunning photos that fit your style.

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