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When Should You Take Your Engagement Photos (And How to Prepare)?

June 1, 2021

Congratulations – you are at that very exciting stage of planning your engagement photos, which means you are already engaged or you will be soon! Wedding proposals are truly one of the most exciting milestones in any couple’s relationship, and we are delighted to share how and when is the best time to capture the essence of this moment.

Whether it’s planning your wedding or the photos that will lead up to it, the most important thing to keep in mind is what will make you and your spouse the happiest. Some couples love camera glam and others are just looking to capture their memories for private reflection. Regardless of which style suits you the most, that’s the “frame” of mind you will want to keep while planning and taking your engagement photos.

When should you take engagement photos

The simple answer to this one is: it depends, and that’s because when you decide to take your engagement photos will revolve around what you intend to use them for. Some couples simply want to capture the joy of their engagement, so they have keepsakes of that wonderful time in their relationship.

Other couples want to put their photos to work – for an official engagement announcement, party invitation or wedding save-the-date. In honor of all our couples’ different needs, we discuss a variety of timelines:

During or directly after the engagement

Having your engagement photos taken during or right after the question has been popped makes for naturally high-energy, happy-go-lucky photos.

Blend planned poses and the unrestrained excitement of saying “Yes” by consulting with a photographer before that pivotal moment, so they can be incorporated – without spoiling the surprise.

Plus, if you want to announce your engagement, you will already have these beautiful photos on hand!

One or two months after the engagement

You are still basking in the engagement glow and you have not yet gotten caught up in the fuss of wedding planning. One to two months after you put a ring on it, you will have had lots of time to plan an engagement shoot and you will also have the opportunity to use these photos for wedding save-the-dates.

Closer to the wedding date (six+ months after the engagement)

Maybe you had a particular setting (or season) in mind for your engagement photography. If you got engaged during Christmas time, but want spring-inspired engagement photos, this is certainly an option. You can use these photos for thank you cards and also a test run for your wedding hair and makeup.

How to prepare for engagement photos

When you decide to have your engagement photos taken will likely determine how you prepare for them. For example, if you are doing an out-of-the-blue shoot on the day of your engagement, no preparation is needed. You will already be smiling from ear to ear and, depending on how your sweetheart plans it, dressed accordingly with a fresh mani. The only thing you will need to plan is who will take these forever photos for you and your loved one.

Before saying, “I do” to an engagement photoshoot, view the photographer’s portfolio and schedule. Make sure you feel comfortable with the quality of work they produce and that their personality/style aligns with yours. This is true whether you are taking the photos 60 seconds in or six months out.

Dress for the photos you want

For planned engagement photoshoots, you will want to consider what to wear and whether you will incorporate any props (or pets). From keeping your engagement photos really casual through to dressing to the nines, the outfit(s) you choose should be ones you feel your best in and allow you to strike different poses.

Check with your photographer about which patterns and colors to avoid, so you don’t get washed out or blend in with the scenery behind you. Also, consider at least some coordination with your spouse to enhance the cohesiveness of the look and feel.

Plan your engagement photoshoot today!

At Adventure Photos, we love to work with soon-to-be and newly engaged couples to provide a full photography service that reflects their unique romance. Whether you want to pop the question in paradise or you are visiting Cancun, Dominican Republic, Puerto Vallarta, or Costa Rica to celebrate your engagement, we will help you with the how and when of planning the perfect pre-wedding photos.

Reach out to our creative team today and let’s capture moments you will never forget, more beautifully than you could have ever imagined.

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