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What To Wear For Your Family Vacation Photos

May 11, 2021

We love it when our photography clients choose to wear special outfits for their family vacation photos. After years of working with tourists, from all around the world, we have definitely seen it all when it comes to great attire. For our team of professional lifestyle photographers, the most important thing is helping you achieve your unique photography vision and, for some, a big part of that is how you look/dress.

Here are some of the different approaches our clients have taken when it comes to choosing what to wear during their family photoshoots. Whichever option is your favorite, pack accordingly and don’t forget to book your family photoshoot!

Get a little matchy-matchy on the beach

One of the most popular ways to approach vacation photos is to have the whole family – or certain members – in matching outfits. Whether you want everyone to wear a particular pattern or color, this is a great way to creatively celebrate your family unit and create attention-getting photos.

An alternative to this approach is to have mom and daughter in one particular style and then dad and son in another. Incorporate your grandparents, aunts and uncles into the theme for a generational photo that has as much style as it does family flair.

Customize your photo with customizable tees

Whether you’re celebrating a bachelorette party or its dad’s 40th birthday, bring along designed t-shirts for your loved ones and our Adventure Photos team will help you pose to show off your custom designs.

Show off your love for local culture

When you stay with one of our partner resorts in Cancun, Dominican Republic, Puerto Vallarta, or Costa Rica, you will have plenty of chances to become more familiar with the beautiful local cultures in each of these warm and welcoming places. Make your family photos an ode to your favorite new destination by incorporating accessories, clothing or décor from the surrounding area.

Be it cool sunglasses, matching jerseys or sombreros, our team of professional photographers will ensure your family photography accentuates your colorful personalities. Before you arrive for your unforgettable tropical vacation, reach out to us and together, we can start planning your next photo album.

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