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Tips To Create a Travel Photo Album You'll Love

March 31, 2020

With the luxury of smartphones, nearly everyone walks around with a camera in their pocket at all times, snapping pics of everything that inspires them and collecting images of every important moment. Vacation pictures are high on the list of preservation priorities, but how do you display them in a perfect travel photo album if you’re not very experienced in photography?

Good photography can be tricky to master, and just because you have a phone in your pocket doesn’t necessarily mean you have the photography skills to capture the photos you want of your dream vacation. Although you’re sure to snap some of your own photos while on vacation, a great way to create a travel photo album is to hire a professional who can help you capture the essence of your trip and give you beautiful photographs for lasting memories.

Here are some great ideas for sharing your travel photos and tips on how you can create the perfect travel photo album.

Travel Photo Album Ideas

Aside from sharing your photos online, creating a travel photo album is the perfect way to take the photos you have and really share them with others. We all have photos on our phones or computer that we’ve taken and stored away—but how often do we pull them out and look at them? Will you even know where to find them 10 years from now? Creating a travel photo album is a great way to keep your most treasured vacation photos close at hand when you want to relive a good memory.

Your travel photo album can be anything you want it to be. A photo on your wall, a digital album to share online, or a traditional physical album you can open and share with friends and family. There are various sizes and materials you can choose from depending on the look you like best and how much time you want to put into the project. Here are some of the best travel album ideas for your vacation photos.

1. Create a Traditional Photo Album of Your Vacation

Photo albums come in many forms and sizes. You can use one meant only for inserting photos or create an album online and order a printed photo book version. Some vacation activity spots even have options available for professional photography, as well as packages available that include a travel photo album. This is particularly great for destination weddings and family photos taken on vacation because you don’t have to worry about anything except enjoying the moment.

At Adventure Photos, we make it easy to create a travel photo album that is fast and simple to put together—unlike traditional DIY scrapbooks or photo albums. We compile a travel photo album book that ships directly to your door so you have a physical keepsake of your vacation to share with family and friends as soon as you arrive home.

2. Make a Digital Photo Album

Another great travel photo album idea is to get a digital photo album. Digital photo albums make it easy to share your pictures with friends and family, no matter where they are. At Adventure Photos, we provide an online digital album of your professional vacation photos you can easily share to your social media accounts. This way you have long-term digital storage, as well as easy photo sharing online so you can tell people all about the fantastic time you had on your trip.

If you are taking photos at your destination wedding, Adventure Photos provides you with some sneak peek wedding highlight photos you can share before the wedding festivities are even over. This way you can be the first to post beautiful pictures of your big day to your social media feeds.

3. Display Your Vacation Memories on Canvas Prints

Sometimes you get a picture so perfect you just want to hang it on your wall. Getting a canvas print of your vacation is a great way to keep your vacation memories front and center in your home. Plus it’s something you can share with anyone who visits, and relive your vacation memories everyday.

Adventure Photos provides canvas print options and our professional destination photographers can help you get the perfect shot you’ll want to keep up on your wall.

Creative Ideas to Make the Perfect Travel Photo Book

If you’re more of a DIY person and enjoy compiling your vacation photos, vacation scrapbooks are a fun and creative way to design your travel photo book. Your local craft stores are jam-packed with patterned papers, stickers, and other fun embellishments you can use to make the perfect page for every vacation memory. Here are some scrapbooking ideas to make a travel photo book truly memorable.

1. Start with Professional Photos:

You’re ready to put time, effort, and money into making your scrapbook look amazing, start by getting the best vacation pictures possible for your travel scrapbook. Getting professional photos on your trip ensures you’ll have plenty of beautiful photos to work with, plus you’ll be more likely to remember where you were and what you were doing when you got your professional photos taken.

2. Plan Your Scrapbook Layout:

Start by laying out everything you need within easy reach and making a plan for how you want each page to look. If it helps, sketch out your ideas, or simply place everything where you plan to stick it before adding adhesive. This allows you to see the final product and make changes before committing to one design. It also helps you see how well everything will fit. For example, whether any photos need to be trimmed or any embellishments need to be added or taken away. If you have doubts about your design, look online for sample scrapbook page layouts that work for you.

3. Add Labels & Captions:

Your trip will most likely be an unforgettable occasion, especially if it involves a destination wedding, proposal, or other important events. However, you may not remember all the details in a few years. Add cute labels and captions wherever you can to preserve stories, dates, quotes, and anything else that is important to you.

4. Have Fun!:

Above all else, creating a travel scrapbook and getting travel photo book ideas should be fun.

How to Get Instagram Worthy Vacation Pictures

Instagram is the perfect platform to share your photos and videos with your friends and family. You might even have oogled over professional Instagram influencer profiles with stunning pictures and beautiful scenery. If you really want to step up your Instagram game and show off your vacation photos, your best bet isn’t to have a family member or stranger take your photos, but to hire a professional lifestyle photographer to get you the best vacation photos possible. 

Get the Best Vacation Pics with a Photo Shoot on the Beach

Even if you have the newest smartphone with the best camera, it still won’t give you the same results as a professional who knows how to use the functions of their camera to capture the perfect lighting, take flattering photos, and tell a story through your images.

If you aren’t a professional photographer yourself, beach photos and outdoor photos on vacation can be especially tricky to capture. They can end up too dark, or fail to capture the look of the radiant, clear blue water you wanted to remember. Professional Instagramers aren’t posting mediocre photos, why should you?

Create Your Vacation Photo Album with Adventure Photos

Adventure Photos is ready to help you get the most beautiful images of your next tropical getaway and preserve them with prints, canvas art, or custom travel photo albums.

Contact us to learn more about how to incorporate a family photo session into your next vacation, hire a pro to capture your destination wedding, or set up a special event like a proposal or pregnancy announcement. Our professional photographers know how to work with families of all ages and sizes to help you get amazing photos. 

Get the gorgeous beach photos you’ve been dreaming of and turn them into works of art with Adventure Photos. We offer a wide range of custom made photo products that we can ship directly to your home. 

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