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Photo Wedding Gifts For Your Family

June 25, 2021

Did you know you can transform your wedding photography into incredibly thoughtful wedding photo gifts for your loved ones? Explore the most creative ways our Adventure Photos’ clients capture and share unforgettable moments with their wedding guests via trendy and timeless photo gifts.

What are the best photo gifts?

Whether you want to gift your new spouse a spectacular shot of the two of you, as you made your vows, or you want to give your wedding party a truly personalized gift, these are ideas you can’t ignore!

Canvas Collage Wall Art

The mothers of the newlyweds and the bridal party are sure to swoon over a gorgeous custom canvas collage wall art. Take individual photos with each of your lovely ladies at the wedding and then display your most cherished memories on our contemporary canvas photo prints.

Metal Photo Prints

Thinking of a great gift for the guys? Incorporate a little sentimentality while also giving your groomsmen & dads something they will love. Custom metal photo prints are sleek and modern gifts that make for perfect desk displays at home or at the office.

Photo gifts to give to the parents of the bride and groom

Your moms and dads have likely played a fundamental role – not only in your wedding but the journey that led up to it. While some of your other guests may appreciate more lighthearted gestures, when it comes to your parents, it’s OK to lay on a little extra sappiness. In that spirit, here are a few wedding photo gift ideas that may create a couple tears.

Traditional Wall Décor

The key to this next wedding photo present is to pick the perfect shots and moments, so you can create true statement pieces that will certainly earn the real estate they will take up in your in-laws’ house. Our stretched-canvas prints make for excellent wall art and are made with the finest inks. These heavyweight canvases ensure the best photo quality.

Wedding Photo Albums

Wedding photo albums are a quintessential gift idea for those guests you are closest to (and for your new spouse!). Wedding albums take time and tender, loving care to put together, but they are SO worth it when they are done.

If you want an album specifically for your parents, parent albums make for excellent gift ideas as you can create one for each side of the family. Better yet, you will never have to share your personal wedding photo album with your parents as they can have their own dedicated album.

Our team at Adventure Photos can help you pick and choose the best photos for each of your albums and help you build custom wedding photo albums and parent albums on site at the resort. Ordering your wedding and parent album at the same time will allow your family to share in the surprise once you receive your albums!

After you have created the perfect wedding photo album, Adventure Photos will ship your albums directly to your home with free shipping in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Bind your most beautiful memories in a high-end album and present this highly emotional gift to whichever guests you want to absolutely overwhelm with how much they mean to you.

Digital Photo Albums

Breaking away from tradition is all the rage nowadays, and doing so does not mean you are going to provide your guests or loved ones with something that is less special than a more formal, paperbound option. Digital photo albums are spectacular gifts for every age because they make it extremely easy to see the photos and share them.

Customize the frame you put your digital album in with the date of your big day or a cute quote that means something to the recipient and their new digital photo album will definitely be a talking piece at their next get together.

Contact Adventure Photos today and see the difference that convenient, fully-customizable wedding photo services will make for your special day and many years to come!

For years, our Adventure Photos team has been partnering with top-rated resorts around Mexico and the Caribbean to ensure couples have access to reliable, professional photographers who will work with them from vision through to printing and presentation to ensure their photos speak to the perfection of the day.

Contact our professional photography team today as we look forward to discussing all our creative ideas for making your wedding photography and wedding gifts stand out.

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