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What Is Lifestyle Photography?

December 4, 2020

Lifestyle photography is a revolutionary way to capture authentic moments that totally depart from the overly contrived, posed photos of the past. Instead of stagnant backdrops and forced smiles, your Adventure Photos’ photographer will take photos as you are enjoying various aspects of your vacation. Whether it’s playing on the beach with your family or that unique look your loved one gives you as you hold each under a sunset, your lifestyle photographer will help you see yourself as beautifully as others do.

Learn more about what lifestyle photography can contribute to your family photo albums and consider how meaningful these picture perfect memories will remain over the years, even as things around you begin to change.

Lifestyle Photography is Convenient, Fun and Natural

How many times have you enjoyed a wonderful vacation only to look back and realize the photos you accumulated during the getaway basically consist of closed eyes, awkward poses, poorly lit backgrounds or a general lack of photographs together with your loved ones. We all know the pain of talking to our friends and family about our amazing time away, only to hesitate when they ask to see photos because they look more train wreck and less tropical masterpiece.

Breakaway from the fear of failed photos and enlist the help of one of our professional destination photographers. We have photo galleries located in the area’s best hotels, so your photographer can be on-hand for the day and time you want your pictures done. More than that, once your photos are ready, you will be able to visit the gallery to see their creative genius at work; choose your favorite photos and get them printed, framed; and so much more.

What’s more, is we’re always available to take your vacation photos. You don’t need to plan way ahead of time, and you will get to work with a seasoned photography professional who will capture your most flattering angles – and our hotel’s most fabulous scenery.

The best spots, even better shots

At Adventure Photos, our photographers are intimately familiar with the best locations to take photos, dependent on your vision. Prior to your lifestyle photoshoot, they can show you which spots they think you’ll like the best, help you decide on your approach and even what to wear. Our photographers can recommend which time of day or evening and which activities will contribute to your ideal aesthetic, so each photo is one you’ll want to frame.

Bond with your family, while building lasting memories

Far from interrupting your vacation enjoyment, lifestyle photography takes place while you’re taking part in the events and activities you love. Your friends and family will already be on board for this unique bonding experience because who isn’t in their best spirits while soaking up the sunshine.

From a romantic sunset walk through to a family-filled day by the sea, chat with our lifestyle photographers about how they can support your desire for authentic representations of your personal – and familial – style. We look forward to telling your story in creative, fun and beautiful ways!

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