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Why Is Photography Important?

May 29, 2020

The importance of photography is sometimes taken for granted, especially when everyone has an uncle or neighbor claiming to be a professional with their shiny new DSLR. However, when it comes to family photos to hang in a place of honor on our walls, it is always wise to hire someone with plenty of experience. 

Why is photography important? The short answer is that without it we would have no way of preserving precious memories so we can revisit them later. The benefits of photography are numerous and can actually impact many areas of our lives.

Benefits of Photography

From your child’s first breath to the day they say, “I do,” it’s a pretty safe bet you’ve been snapping pictures throughout their life. The reasons may vary from day to day, but the benefits remain the same.

Stop Time

One of the most important benefits of photography is that it can preserve a moment in time. We can revisit photographs for many years after the event occurs and be reminded of the way we felt back then. We can hold onto those who are no longer with us, as well as relive the happy times.

Live Forever

Photography is a great way to document people and events in history. We can look back and learn a lot about the culture or simply the details of what occurred during a specific moment. We can also record our personal history using photographs, whether with the annual school photos of our kids or beloved photos of grandparents and other relatives.

Measure Growth & Document Accomplishments

Another major element in the importance of photography is our ability to measure areas of growth and document our achievements. Parents can attest to how quickly the face of a child changes from chubby innocence to “all grown up.” From diapers to diplomas, there are many important moments we never want to forget.

Art Creation & Therapy

If you truly want to know why photography is important, ask an artist. Self-expression and creativity are almost as important as breathing. Photography as an art form can bring joy to both the one behind the camera and those who view the final product. In fact, art is often used in therapy to help patients deal with stress and difficult emotions.

Why is Photography Important on Vacation?

Aside from snapping candid shots of your adventures, professional photography should also be included in your vacations, especially when you go somewhere spectacular. You can always use an extra photographer to make sure you don’t miss a thing. 

A professional photographer comes in handy when you want to get that perfect shot. They can help you stand in a way that is flattering, arrange your family in cute poses, and get those romantic couple shots that make you swoon. They know how to get just the right light and where the best locations are, plus you are more likely to end up with images you want to frame and hang in your home.

Oftentimes a vacation is a chance to collect a souvenir from an exotic or sentimental trip. What better souvenir than photos of your favorite moments? Or of your favorite people in front of a dreamy backdrop you just can’t create at home? Weddings and holidays aren’t the only time to get gorgeous couple photos or update the family portraits. Many resorts and hotels have on-site photographers to help you find the best spots without even leaving the property. This type of souvenir will be cherished much longer than a toy or knick-knack.

Adventure Photos

Learn more about the benefits of photography and how you can have a professional photographer join you on your next tropical adventure. Adventure Photos works cooperatively with several top resorts in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica. Let us help you get those perfect vacation photos you’ll want to show off at home. Contact Adventure Photos to schedule a photographer for your vacation today!

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